Available For Purchase To Clients

After properties are filled with tenants, they become available for clients to evaluate and purchase. Potential clients come to us to find the best rental property investments that yield high returns and require minimal work. The following are some benefits of purchasing one of our listed properties:
  • Clients are provided different strategies to purchase properties with cash, mortgage financing, self-directed IRA or 401(k), HELOC line of credit, or a 1031 exchange.
  • Renovations across all the properties have a similar format.
  • If tenants have a problem with their properties, they can contact their property manager and not our clients.
  • If tenants have a problem with their properties, the property management company can contact the original developers, who are able to quickly fix problems and issues that could arise at lower costs.
  • Higher cash flows resulting from lower maintenance and management costs.
  • Clients can be given a single designated property manager, which will work with them directly.
  • Clients receive monthly reports on tenant status and personal check-ins.