Individual Investor Solutions

Pre-Analyzed Turnkey Property Database

Our turnkey property database is growing every day. We vet and analyze all turnkey properties for quality and financial return to ensure they meet our high qualification listing standards before making them available on our site. This is how we provide a detailed overview of every property we list, including a property description, photos, market statistics, and financial projections.

Turnkey Property Acquisition Strategies And Forecasting

We provide clients with numerous individually tailored investment strategies for turnkey property acquisition. The following are some of the strategies we utilize to acquire turnkey properties: the use of all cash, mortgage financing, self-directed IRA or 401(k), HELOC line of credit, and 1031 Exchange. We justify our recommended strategies by providing our clients with proprietary forecasting documents that present unbiased and accurate financial projections

Complete Start-To-Finish Facilitation Of Turnkey Property Closing And Ownership
  1. Secure the selected properties in their local real estate markets.
  2. Provide our clients with closing assistance, meaning that we assist clients in finding lenders. Then provide title and escrow companies, and a notary to finalize all documents.
  3. Create a personalized online control panel/portal for clients to securely access, organize, and store all images, videos, documents, receipts, and other records that pertain to their properties. This can include closing documents, financial statements, rent calls, and property updates.
  4. Produce refinancing and exit strategies to expand clients’ future turnkey real estate portfolio and maximize their overall return.
Traditional Real Estate Services

We assist clients who want to buy and sell their primary or secondary residence without having to work with a costly realtor. We can provide flat-fee pricing to buy or sell your property.

Limited Liabilities Company Creation

If you are new to real estate investing, we can provide clients with different limited liabilities company (LLC) solutions to limit their personal liability when owning turnkey rental properties. All rental property owners need to have their properties under an LLC to protect and keep their personal capital separate from their properties for legal reasons. We have simple and advanced solutions for more sophisticated investors.

Credit repair services

If you need assistance in finding someone to boost your credit score, we have resources that have success rates of 100 points and more.

Developer and Property Management Solutions

Developer Funding

We can provide developers with funds to build and renovate homes as an alternative to hard money lenders or short term construction (bridge) loans.

Turnkey Property Creation Partnerships

We connect developers with property management companies to create turnkey rental properties for our clients.