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When accessing the TIE website, you acknowledge and understand that all investments, including real estate, are speculative in nature and involve substantial risk of loss. We encourage our investors to invest carefully and seek personal advice from your personal or professional investment advisors. As an investor, you agree and understand that independent investigations may be necessary before acting on information that TIE publishes. Much of our data is derived directly from information published by companies or submitted to governmental agencies but are without our independent verification. You acknowledge and understand that past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. There is no guarantee that systems, indicators, or signals will result in any profits or that they will not result in losses. All investors are advised to fully understand all risks associated with any investing they choose to do.

An investor’s performance and the value of their properties are subject to general economic conditions and risks associated with our real estate assets. There are significant expenditures associated with an investment in real estate (such as debt service, real estate taxes, and insurance maintenance costs) that generally do not decline when circumstances reduce the property’s income. Income from and the value of the properties acquired may be adversely affected for numerous reasons which include, but is in no way limited to:

  • (a) downturns in international, national, regional and local economic conditions (particularly increases in unemployment);
  • (b) the attractiveness of the properties acquired to potential tenants and competition from other properties;
  • (c) increases in the supply of or decreases in demand for similar or competing properties in our target markets;
  • (d) bankruptcies, financial difficulties or lease defaults by tenants;
  • (e) changes in interest rates, availability, and terms of debt financing;
  • (f) changes in operating costs and expenses;
  • (g) (changes in, or increased costs of compliance with, governmental laws, rules, regulations and fiscal policies, including changes in tax, real estate, environmental and zoning laws, and our potential liability thereunder;
  • (h) our ability to provide adequate maintenance;
  • (i) changes in the cost or availability of insurance, including coverage for mold or asbestos;
  • (j) environmental conditions or retained liabilities for such conditions; tenant turnover;
  • (k) the illiquidity of real estate investments generally;
  • (l) residents’ perceptions of the safety, convenience, and attractiveness of our properties and the neighborhoods where they are acquired;
  • (m) the ongoing need for capital improvements, particularly in older properties;
  • (n) the ability or unwillingness of residents to pay rent increases;
  • (o) civil unrest, acts of God, including earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters, may result in uninsured losses, and acts of war or terrorism;
  • (p) rent control or rent stabilization or other housing laws, which could prevent us from raising rents;
  • (q) increases in property-level maintenance and operating expenses;
  • (r) significant competition in the leasing market for quality tenants; and
  • (s) seasonal factors throughout the year.


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